Sweat Less When Backpacking

Vaucluse Gear backpacking equipment helps hikers evaporate more sweat and better stabilize their body's temperature. Our patented lightweight technology allows heat and sweat to freely dissipate between the back and backpack as you hike. As a result, you sweat less, stay drier, and enjoy the outdoors more.



Sweat can cause serious problems on the trail. In cold climates, the primary reason that hikers develop hypothermia is moisture (sweat). In warm climates, excessive sweating can cause dehydration since you lose a large amount of water.

Sweating is your body's natural way of keeping you cool. This means you sweat when your body temperature is too high. You feel cooler when sweat can evaporate off your body (your back).

Backing in comfort allows you to enjoy the sights more and hike for longer distances. Additionally, your backpack is no longer used as a sponge soaking up all your sweat. Therefore, you don't ruin your backpack with sweat stains.

Tired of a sweaty and hot back when backpacking?


Happy Customer Testimonials

First time I have hiked with my Search & Rescue pack and not come back with a totally soaked back.I am sold on the product and will continue to use it.Comfortable. Lightweight.

Rod S, Search & Rescue Team, 35L backpack from Virginia.

"Really comfortable.I hiked 6 miles (3 up and 3 down) in 80 degree weather. I put the frame on my day pack with 2 liters of water and some clothes. The frame was really comfortable, and my shirt was damp but not nearly as bad as it would have been if not using the frame."

Jerry S, day hiker with 22L backpack from Central California.

It works. I have not experienced sweat on my back.The only area that I get sweaty is at the very bottom where the bag touches my body near the waist area. This is fine as it still significantly reduces the amount of sweat/water-loss by at least 80%.

Aaron S, day hiker with 30L backpack from Sedona, AZ

Works well. My back stayed dry on some heavy duty hikes.

Matt C, 2-3 day hiker with 35L backpack from Pennsylvania.

I’ve taken it out 3 times for my daily walk to see how it’d behave. I tested on Sunday without it and had a sweaty back.In the 3 walks since, I didn’t have any sweat. So we’re on the right track.All the walks were with a t-shirt and light fleece jacket.

Tyler F, day hiker with 35L backpack from Washington

"With the warm temps my back didn’t sweat at all…nice! So far I like what I see. It’s well constructed, lightweight, flexible, and doesn’t feel odd when wearing it."

Mike L, multi-day hiker, day pack from Tucson, AZ

Vaucluse Gear Products

Cool-Dry Backpack Frame

The lightweight (only 6 ounces), durable, and flexible frame attaches directly to your backpack and creates a constant airflow between you and the pack. Get 10x more airflow than conventional mesh designs.

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80s Retro T-Shirt

We just released our inaugural 80's retro t-shirt to celebrate the launch of our outdoor company. We thought the fuchsia pink and blue back graphic on the back would explain who we are.

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Airflow Spacers

Adjust the space between your back and backpack with either our 0.75" 1", 1" and 1"1/ spacers. You can also mix and match as you desire.

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Keep Your Back Dry When Hiking

Vaucluse Gear's Cool-Dry Frame reduces the uncomfortable sweat and heat that accumulates when wearing a backpack. Whether you are on a day hike or week long adventure, we will keep you cool and dry each step of the way. 


Vaucluse Gear is designed and made in Usa

  • Vaucluse Gear reinvests in trails and bee farms.
  • Vaucluse Gear offers fast shipping.
  • Vaucluse Gear Cool-Dry Frame is patent protected.
  • Vaucluse Gear offers a lifetime guarantee to Launch Club members.
  • Vaucluse Gear is made in USA