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Now is the perfect time to increase your backpack's ventilation system and maximize airflow with our attachable ultralight frame. Enjoy free shipping on USA orders (limited-time offer) and an additional discount (also a limited-time offer) when shopping today.


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Ultralight Ventilation Backpack Frames

The Ventilation Frame is an attachable backpack airflow frame that fits directly on your favorite backpack. This backpack spacer attaches in seconds to your favorite backpack (framed or frameless) to upgrade airflow, reduce back heat, and increase comfort. 


Generation 2 Ventilation Frame

This is the upgraded version of our previous ventilation frame. This frame is 50% light, much stronger, and more flexible on your back. The design also has zero impact on your spine.


Generation 1 Ventilation Frame

The Vaucluse Ventilation Backpack Frame is an accessory that attaches to backpack sizes 15L to 55L. The frame easily connects onto your favorite backpack to increase airflow. Enjoy the comfort of a ventilated pack when hiking.


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The Vaucluse Ultralight Ventilation Backpack Frame makes you favorite backpack exceptionally comfortable, spreading carried weight across a soft and ergonomical hexagonal frame that instantly conforms to the user's back. Rough, absorbent mesh padding common in pack design is kept at a distance, preventing chafing and sweat retention.


When your pack is strapped on tight, your back can't breathe. The Ultralight Ventilation Backpack Frame fixes this by offering 100% more airflow than conventional backpack designs by naturally ventilating your body and minimizing unwanted heat, moisture, and scent.


Frameless backpacks lack rigid shape, and can gradually harm the wearer if overloaded or improperly fitted. Even premium framed packs are often misused, with users loosening the straps for more airflow. The Ultralight Ventilation Backpack Frame adds comfortable structure to any bag, helping to prevent injury by evenly distributing weight across your body.

Customer Testimonials

James L, Massachusetts, Osprey Manta 24L

"The instant I put my bag back on with the ventilation frame on it and turned a breeze blew right between my back and backpack and, I was floored. I had no idea it would be that big of an impact. My back stayed dry all day long" Instagram @james_phoenix86

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Landon, Virginia, Wild Iowa Bushcraft Pack 55L

"I'm loving the frame. The biggest advantage the Cool-Dry Frame offers is helping you stay warmer once you get to your hunting location. So by significantly reducing or eliminating upper body perspiration, you'll be much warmer once you get settled into your hunting spot." YouTube @ProCaliber HQ YouTuber

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Shandi E, New Hampshire, Mountain Wear 55L

"I always sweat like a mother and then freeze as soon as I stop, so it was nice not to have my backpack soaked when I took it off to take a break and put back on. It was lightweight and fit well. I am always cold but sweat quickly and a lot when hiking which is a weird combination and hard to regulate at times." Instagram @one.with.the.speed

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Dave R, California, 75L Jansport Whitaker and 28L Deuter Trail SL

"I used the frame with my go-to 75L pack. My concern was losing stability with the bigger pack. That was not an issue at all. The frame helped take some pressure off my shoulders. My back was not soaked like usual. The next day we switched, and my wife stayed dry and happy. Both packs felt more comfortable with the frame. It exceeded both of our expectations. I really appreciate you coming up with a solution to a problem I thought I just had to live with." Instagram @daveroggenbuck


Keith B, Alabama, 30L Daypack

"I'll tell you what I do feel: I feel air moving against my back. That's awesome. Because even though it's a cool morning, I'm warm enough that, if I didn't have this frame, I would definitely be sweating by now." YouTube channel, Gone Feral with Squidly

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Lynn S, New Hampshire White Mountains, Kyte 46L

"Loved it! The Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Ventilation Frame provided excellent breathability around my back. It also prevented sweat from building up and causing potentially hypothermic conditions in the winter. It is especially important to regulate body temperature during the winter when you’re layered up. This piece of gear was very helpful in that mission." Instagram @swezer_outdoors

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Mike D, Catskills New York, 19L Gossmar Daypack

"It totally exceeded my expectations. My back and shirt stayed dry. My shirt even stayed in place (did not bunch up mid-back like usual). I could actually feel a cool airflow on my back while hiking. It was very comfortable. I had wondered if the frame would dig in my back, but I did not even feel it was there." Instagram @mden


Lee A, Iceland, Mossy Oak 64.6L Hunting Backpack

"The Cool-Dry Frame kept my back from sweating while carrying this heavy pack on many adventures in Iceland, which is a great thing when it's below-freezing outside." @silverstonesubie


Jim Armstrong, Decatur, TX, 40L Pack, Search & Rescue Operations

"I've never felt that type of cooling out here in these temperatures. Now I'm getting much more consistent airflow and evaporative cooling around my entire core, and that is really helping me stay out and move harder and longer. It just keeps your core down that much easier.” ~ watch full review on YouTube.


Backpacking is awesome. Backpack sweat sucks.


Ultralight Ventilation Backpack Frame for Every Outdoor Activity


Vaucluse is designed and made in the USA.

  • Vaucluse Gear reinvests in trails and bee farms.
  • Vaucluse Gear Cool-Dry Frame is patent protected.
  • Vaucluse Gear offers a lifetime guarantee to Launch Club members.
  • Vaucluse Gear is made in USA

More Customer Reviews because they love their vaucluse backpack ventilation gear

First time I have hiked with my Search & Rescue pack and not come back with a totally soaked back. I am sold on the product and will continue to use it.

Rod S, Search & Rescue Team, 35L backpack from Virginia.

"Really comfortable. The frame was really comfortable, and my shirt was damp but not nearly as bad as it would have been if not using the frame."

Jerry S, day hiker with 22L backpack from Central California.

It works. I have not experienced sweat on my back.

Aaron S, day hiker with 30L backpack from Sedona, AZ

Works well. My back stayed dry on some heavy duty hikes.

Matt C, 2-3 day hiker with 35L backpack from Pennsylvania.

In the 3 walks since, I didn’t have any sweat. So we’re on the right track. All the walks were with a t-shirt and light fleece jacket.

Tyler F, day hiker with 35L backpack from Washington

"With the warm temps my back didn’t sweat at all…nice! So far I like what I see."

Mike L, multi-day hiker, day pack from Tucson, AZ


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